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String Theory
11 December 2009

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7 December 2010

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Pluchea Odorata
3 October 2008

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Skipper on Aster
1 April 2008

Recent Comments

Steven on Early Morning Rainbow
Hope things are OK and that you'll be posting once again!

mauro brando on Early Morning Rainbow
Nice shot!!!

L'Angevine on Early Morning Rainbow

Steven on Early Morning Rainbow
Beautiful capture of this rainbow and its refracted rainbow as well!! I love how they're framed above the tree ...

Elora on Dance of the Mockingbird
A bit belated, but welcome back!

Mhelene on Dance of the Mockingbird
Wonderful capture of the dance !!

Steven on Dance of the Mockingbird
Beautiful capture of these mockingbirds!! I love the detail seen in their plumage as its backlit by the sunlight. You ...

Earnest on One Day In May
Thanks, Elora!

Elora on One Day In May
How did I miss this? Welcome back - hope to see some more of your work Earnest - I have missed it! Love the bright ...

عليرضا طراوتي on Color Coordinated Lady
Colorful been well

JOlissim on Home of the Spittle Bug
Hi, i've found you accidentally, beautiful captures yours!! I'd like to follow you on fcb, but I can't ...

Elora on Weeds are Flowers to Some
You're back you're back! Happy new year Earnest! You have been missed!

Steven on Weeds are Flowers to Some
Eye-catching processing that you've created here! Welcome back, Earnest!

Akbar&Armaghan on Weeds are Flowers to Some
Very beautiful shot

jeffrey on Weeds are Flowers to Some
nice processing! electrified!

Elora on Butterfly and Flower
earnest! You were back while I was gone! As always superb images :)

Aaron King on Gulf Fritillary on Buttonbush

Antoine on White
Superb photo with an excellent ligthing. Have a lovely day Earnest. Amicably Antoine.

Steven on White
What incredible radiant light that you've captured off these flowers! Welcome back, Earnest!

philmess on White
Ouah un champ de feuilles d'or trés joli

Jeff on White
This image reminds me of those old "Where's Waldo" pictures because the butterfly is hiding in plain ...

Dawn on White
Awesome lighting!!! Love this pic! : )

adele27 on My Sky
was it naturally liked that? or u worked on it to enhance the quality?

phil on At Rest
Cui cui la jolie petite mésange , bien saisie elle fait un peu la star

mosleh on My Sky
fantastic happy new years to you :)

Darío on My Sky
I love this kind of atmosphe with branches silhouette! Nice shot!

Anita on Last Year's Aster
This is gorgeous. Love that white Aster amidst the brown. Perfect dof. Thank you for visiting my blog and ...

Anita on My Sky
Your sky is stunning!

Amerlina on Event Horizon

Karen Lowe on My Sky
To God Be The Glory Psalm 97

Steven on My Sky
Missing your posts. I hope all is well and you're capturing plenty of photos.

Hiro on My Sky
Incredible colors and beautiful silhouette.

mosleh on My Sky
beautiful color :)

mosleh on My Sky
wonderful ,very beautiful color :)

Antoine on My Sky
Hi Hearnest. A good day of the France. Amicalement Antoine.

mosleh on My Sky
fantastic ,I like it :)

parisa on House Cleaning
great shot

skarlet on My Sky
wow! amazing...

Mhelene on My Sky
Looking again at these colors ...It's a fantastic composition !

Albert Manso on My Sky
Fantastic composition and color!

Tede on My Sky
Your photos are superb, it is a wonder !!!!!! 5 *. Good day.

philip earl on My Sky
Amazing colors here ~ soo this is a Oklahoma sky. very Beautiful ~ i like these trees , like fingers stretching out ...

Antoine on My Sky
Here my second blog, Earnest. Amicalement Antoine.

Antoine on My Sky
Hello Earnest. Superb photo with splendid colours. Contrairement in to you, we miss water. The earth is very dry. They ...

Bettina on My Sky
Those are some wonderful colors in your sky. I always love your silhouetted branches.

The Dark Dude on My Sky
hey dude man, i do like that sky...

The Dark Dude on My Sky
hey dude man, your sky is too pretty to stop posting... cmon back.... the water's lovely, duder

Antoine on My Sky
Hi Earnest. Superb photo. The colors of the your sky are splendid. Excellent work Earnest. Have a great day Earnest. ...

Miti on My Sky
***** !! Very Good!

Lilly on My Sky
A hello in passing ... I hope everything goes well for you ...

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